Irving Laton


I admire Irving’s talent and professional life achievements and in the same time hate his antifeminism life-long attitude. I can't say there's no talent where it's a lot, but his love (to be read lust!) for women is somehow other's love for drugs. In the end (my personal opinion) he was addicted to creating and only fresh feelings could inspire him. I can understand that, but despite his ideas in regards to women, he might have hated himself, in fact, his feminine side of himself. Woman is a concept for him, not a individual with traits and soul. Too bad, I decided to put a link to IL on my page as an example (maybe unique) of an extraordinary talent in an icredibly misogynistic man. Unhappy combination isn't it? Below is an interesting article about his opera.

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Monolog with Irving


Rest in peace, gray-hair Adonis,

Rest in peace, if you can have any...

I believe that even the wise grass will avoid

To grow on the shadow of what you’ve been.

No woman is troubling your mind now, Miso,

No woman comes to put a flower on your grave.

You, misogynistic Narcis,

Overloved women with hatred,  

And utterly disgust.

May your Karma give you another chance

Another life to straighten up your

Horrible, fundamental, and  shameful mistakes.

Oh, God, how could you lay such a talent

Under a cold forehead?

O, God, forgive him, forgive this prideful talent

And in his next life

Give him the chance to be

A woman.


Sunday, August 9, 2009