Love Alchemy





Love alchemy 
By Adria Martin 

I’ve never thought a man can love like you do
So tender, so whole, and so deep
There’s freshness, there’s savour in you
In every word touching you lip.
Your mind is brilliant, amazing and keen
I am madly in love with your mind
I only think and you know what I mean
I just look for and there you find.
I never thought this could happen to me
And never imagined to last till today
Sometimes I doubt all these that I see
This love still takes my breath away.
I never felt like this for any other man,
So wholly, so deeply, so strong,
I’d love you over and over again,
I’m here for you, to belong.
Your lips are storming my senses,
Your touch is still, today, divine,
There are no boundaries or fences
In between, there is no line.
It could have been a crush, only this,
It could have been a summer rain,
The answer lingers in our kiss
Still ardent, still luscious, and plain.
My fingers are drawing your contours
When my lips touch your heavenly skin,
My helpless ration sinks and spurs
To let all passion and lust in.
Some people you love with your mind
Some others, in body you share
Completeness is hardest to find
Completeness in love and in care.
There’s body chemistry we share
There’s alchemy in me with you
My faultless match, my perfect pair,
My love foreseen and déjà-vu.
By adria
© 2008 adria (All rights reserved)