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The Aftermath of Love

Adria Martin

You enter in love open and eager
And think somehow that love must be all
Life without love is useless, you figure,
If world's a stage, then what is your role?

You've loved before, it did not work too well
After all, there's no perfect lover, you've learned
For little of Heaven, comes a lot of Hell
Love comes for granted, but later it's earned.

When the magic fades, the music stops too,
Though you're lying to yourself it's the same,
Still, one day, you'll both know it's true
Love comes bright and leaves so lame.

And you pack your memories one day
Leaving behind the rainbow, the light,
There's always a bill, in the end, to pay,
Aftermath of love, sadness of the night.

But there's one love so apart from the rest
The love with buds for every single day,
Its nurture is mild, the feeling, the best,
No more aftermath, it won't go away.

Still you have to thank your lovers before:
You've learned to fly and learned to fall,
To forgive, to forget and much more
In the end, you will learn: Love is all.

September 9, 2008
By adria

© 2008 adria (All rights reserved)