A trailer of my afterlife

A trailer of my afterlife

(this is a true story)

We all know what’s a trailer. A preview of a movie, right? What if you are starring in that movie? And the movie is about your afterlife? Yes, your guess is right: I am privileged to have seen the trailer of my afterlife.

It was a summer weekend, 18 years ago. We decided to spend some days in the mountains, with my husband’s (now ex) grandparents who lived there- they were over 80 years old by then. It was an old, modest house, surrounded by mountains and abundant vegetation. I didn’t like the house per se, not having the comfort of modern apartments, but I adored the surroundings and the oxygen in the air, I sometimes felt dizzy from breathing, my head was cristal clear, my sleep was deep and restful, I used to wake up early with no help from my clock. So I knew I had to suffer a bit, to gain a bit. Suffering meaning no running water but in one place- in the yard- and of course, only cold water! And I knew  it meant to deal with bugs, smell from the hens, smell of manure from cows (from the farms around), the ordeal of cooking with almost primitive utensils and pots with no hot water at the tap. So my feelings were a bit mixed, I would have gotten all of the benefits by living in a cottage or motel as well, not having to put up with all the hassle in the grandparents’ house. Plus, I didn’t like to cook (still don’t) and having to cook for 5 people in such poor kitchen conditions was scary for me. We had to carry there all the vegetable we needed for the stay, so we were armed with most of the stuff we could bring from the city to survive there for a few days. As soon as we entered the grandparents’ courtyard, my husband brought the huge bags from the car, which had to be parked down the hill. Their yard had three distinct courtyards, because it was right up the hill. So it took you a while from the “road” (unpaved) until you reached to the house, uphill. He put the bags on the pavement of the third courtyard, the one in front of the house and said: I am hungry, maybe you can fix me something to eat...I stared blank at him and said..look, we travelled for over three hours here, everything is packed, I don’t know the place here, why don’t you hand me some stuff from the bags and I’ll fix you something, but it will take a while, because even if you only asked for food for yourself, I have to prepare something for your grandparents as well and for our son and myself. He got upset and said: Look, I did my job! I drove you safely here and carried the bags up here. From here it’s your job. I was shocked and replied: it’s not my job, I have to take time to put everything we brought in the bags somewhere and to see what I can fix us to eat and how to wash the dishes under the given conditions, what to cook as a hot meal for later or tomorrow and so on. So, for the start, I still need help, considering that this place was not my choice and he knew that I am not and never been a countryside girl to be able to make the best out of the lack of civilization. So he has to bear with me for a while or help me. His grandparents looked puzzled to us and said:

-        Then why did you guys came here? To argue in front of us?

-        I said it was not my choice to come here, I am not arguing, just reacting to the rudeness, all I asked was for some help to hand me some stuff from the bag. I mean I really felt like he was pretending something from me, I was all sweating (it was hot-hot outside), had to change my clothes and needed a shower first, not fixing something to eat for five.  Ok, I would give up the shower (there was none anyway!), the changing of my clothing, would start preparing the meal, with just a bit of help, which was refused to me.

I started to unpack the stuff we brought, the vegetables, oil, sugar, tea, coffee, clothing, medicine drugs, slippers, lanterns, towels, etc...all just packed three-four hours ago. I fixed something to eat for all of us, my husband didn’t want to eat anymore and kept holding grudges for hours. My son was 5 years old by then. It was getting dark outside. When the bedtime came, my husband, still upset  said something to vent out and I understood by knowing him that he is leaving back home. I heard the car taking off and didn’t know what to do next. Is he crazy? How could he leave me and my son there, with his grandparents, knowing that he wanted to come here, not us! Great job! How did I get myself into this?! It was around 9-10 pm.  I took my son upstairs and made the bed to go to sleep - they had two houses, front in front, one old, one newer, and we were given a room in the new house to feel more comfortable. I was not sleepy, but had to be in bed with my son for him to  be able to get sleep, because it was not his familiar bed or house, otherwise he was always going to bed by himself. So we were lying in bed, facing the ceiling. My son was almost asleep in my right side when something strange happened. I was suddenly pulled up and could see our bodies from above: oops, something’s not right here, I said to myself. Am I dying?!  It doesn’t hurt at all!!!OMG, I am dying right now, right this moment!!!

While being pulled up in a sort of tunnel..but not a visible, physical one, more of an energetic tunnel, I suddenly saw parts of my life (in a wink!) while I was asking myself in amazement: Waw, how will my parents take this? How will they survive if I am dying? Then I perceived a thought/answer like an invisible arrow (like an input) coming from outside of me, and it was like I felt its authority, its authenticity, its truth. And the thought/arrow showed me and told me (the show and told were simultaneously, mixed, they were not distinct thoughts or actions) that they will be just fine. Then I thought of my husband, my friends...my world. And I was told/showed that everything will be just ok without me down here. With these two inputs, I realized my thoughts were querying a huge universal database where future, past and present were apparently stored...Everything was there, science, history, all the knowledge together in one place. So I became aware that every thought I would have, the answer came from there, telepathically. On top of this, I was experiencing the freedom of being light like a feather and a pure joy and bliss that can’t be described in human terms or comparisons, something beyond any imaginations. I felt, love all around, all worries seemed to be vanished like they’ve never existed (I didn’t even know, up until this ascension that I had those worries in my brain, like a subliminal stress torture). And this profound bliss was so incredible that I would have never wanted to come back...for nothing in the world! And I was ascending and ascending, gently, when this thought came to my mind: What will my son do without me?

In that very moment, I was sucked up (a combination between being sucked down and pushed down) back into my body. I had a feeling of deep regret for being forced to come back and in the same time I experienced a feeling of being confined in such a tight and tiny body as opposed to the freedom of movement I had seconds before. My son was peacefully sleeping.

I had no explanation for what happened. The only thing I can add to this is that nearby that place, I ‘ve heard in time that there is an energetic knot of the planet right through the mountains around.  However, I was not on any medication, I was not asleep, I haven’t drank anything but water and juice that day and I don’t do drugs at all, never did...

I spent the rest of my life trying to live with this and integrate it into some meaning, in the context of my life. Rewinding the trailer:  For the first two thoughts/queries, the answers came telepathically to me from that universal database, as I called it (now I hear it is called The Akashic Records). When I had the third thought, about my son about what he will be doing down here without me, I was pushed back without any answer and image from the future, like in the first two thoughts.  So maybe I had to come back for him only.

How this event impacted my life: I became much more peaceful-I was peaceful before, but to half of this extent. I was not afraid to die any longer and had a different approach on the death in general, including when my parents died. I have a wisdom and a endurance capacity towards the hardship of life that others admire and wish to have-and I just know it’s not because of something I did to have. I have often insights and know things that are not based on logic, I just know things somehow- apparently random things, not as a product of intention.

If I am happy about what happened then? Or grateful? Absolutely yes. And looking forward to end my mission in this life and to experience that amazing, magnificent feeling again, when the time comes. And I know I will be able to help and love from above as well.

© 2012 adria (All rights reserved)


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