One of a kind


I never thought you can die just like this,

I thought you have to be sick and in bed

To get your last prayer, your hug or a kiss

A hold of a hand, as a friend or a dad.


I didn’t get to say my loving words to you

Always assumed, it’s plain and bright and true

We never had tomorrow, and out of the blue

The Heaven called a name, and Rudy, it was you.


I never thought of you as being mortal, my friend,

You looked so timeless, full of life and in hope

But loneliness, depression came to put an end

Handing you so cruelly, the end of the rope.


I can’t forget your smile, your shiny lively eyes

Your giggles and your jokes still linger in my mind

You always had a comfort, idea or advise

I often had to tell you, but Rudy you’re too kind!


You were there for all, in sickness and in health,

Though nobody was truly there, in the end, for you

They were all too busy, with life or something else

Thinking you’ll live forever, anew and anew.


You had so many friends and they will miss you all,

Now it’s somehow too late to show you how they feel,

As nobody was there, to catch you from your fall,

You didn’t seem to suffer, you didn’t sound so ill.


Remember? We talked... life isn’t fair at all...

You gave so much of you, to him, to her, to me,

Still, nobody was there, to catch you from the fall,

But everybody loved you, for sure, Rudy Bee.


November 18, 2012


© 2012 adria (All rights reserved)

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