When a man loves a woman



 (A praise to the man)

When a man loves a woman
He fights to protect her from all the world
And above all to protect her from himself
From that part of him which shelters his instincts
His lions, his eagles, his shadows, his demons,
And his thirst for power and subduing,
Offering to her the light of his core,
All his angles and the majestic rainbows
Of his spirit.

When a man really loves a woman,
When he feels he met the woman
Of his life,
He betrays his own nature
Of man for her sake.

When a man loves a woman,
He spares her from all the suffering
He has made to other women
On the way, in his search, for her.

When a man loves a woman
He lays his wings at her feet
Saying he doesn’t need them
Unless he flies with her.

When a man loves a woman
He, somehow becomes less himself
Less wild, less eagle,
Less thorny, less audacious.
Somehow he will miss his other side of himself
But he will adore this altruistic, uplifting,
And protective side of his with her.

When a man loves a woman
He treats her just like
He would like his daughter
To be treated by her man,
He finally finds a bed for his river
He finds a sky for his stars
A face for what's saint in him,
And warming golden sand
For his mysterious, troubled
Hidden ocean. 

When a man loves a woman
He is ready to sacrifice his pride,
His prestige, his ancestral lead,
And above all, His future, potential
Or just imaginary chances
Of spreading and marking up
His ephemeral existence
All over this world.

October 8, 2008
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© 2008 adria (All rights reserved)