You are always on my mind



You are always on my mind

You are my first thought in the morning
And you are, my last, at night

Tell me you think of me too
When your eyes meet the light.

You are my island of dream
In the troubled ocean of days
In the flow of mind, my theme
When I lose myself in gaze.

You are the start and you are the end
Of every thought in my head
You are the one I turn to for comfort
When I am lonely or sad.

You are the wave in my ocean of blue
The freshness of the morning air
On green grass, the drops of drew
On my skies, you are my stair.

You are the reason for my world
The next step throughout the day
My hope to cherish and uphold
The rainbow when my sky is gray.

The poem can also be seen as a video
with music by John Rhyman here
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By adria
© 2008 adria (All rights reserved)